How to enable SSH on Ubuntu 18.04

Enable SSH on Ubuntu 18.04

SSH stands for Secure Shell Service which allows secure remote login and other network operations. In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable SSH on Ubuntu Desktop. By using ssh you can connect to your computer remotely, access files and perform administrative tasks.


Before you start to enable SSH on Ubuntu 18.04. You must have the non-root user account on your server with sudo privileges.

Install SSH On Ubuntu

Here you will install SSH from Ubuntu repository. It’s very much easier to install SSH on Ubuntu.

Update apt package manager index by typing following command

sudo apt update

You will need to install OpenSSH-Server (OpenBSD Secure Shell) which is available in Ubuntu universal repository. Type following command to install OpenSSH Server

sudo apt install openssh-server

Now you will get prompt for the password, just enter the password.

When you install ssh it will be automatically started. To confirm the installation type following command in terminal, it will print the status of ssh service.

sudo systemctl status ssh

Output should be

    Active: active (running) :
Now press q to go back to the terminal.

Editing SSH Configuration File

You can edit the ssh configuration according to your requirements. To edit SSH configuration enter the following command.

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

If you have not installed nano then you can also use Gedit Text Editor which comes by default in Ubuntu.

sudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config

After editing file save and close Gedit.

Using SSH With LAN

After enabling the ssh, If you want to connect your Ubuntu Desktop in LAN then you should enter the following command in terminal

ssh [email protected]

Replace username with your Ubuntu Desktop username and replace the IP address with the IP Address of the machine you want to connect.

To get the IP address of machine enter following command


Once you get IP address then you can connect by typing

ssh [email protected]

When you are connecting the first time it will prompt you an alert. Enter “yes” to continue.

Now you should enter the password of the machine which you want to connect and press Enter.

Using SSH With Internet

First, you will need to know the public IP address of the machine you want to connect. You can check it by entering the following command.


now enter the following command to connect to your machine

ssh [email protected]_ip_address

NOTE: As you are exposing your machine to the internet you will need to configure the router to accept SSH traffic.

Basic Operations In SSH

To start SSH service enter following command

sudo systemctl start ssh

To stop ssh service enter following command

sudo systemctl stop ssh

To enable SSH on Ubuntu type the following command:

sudo systemctl enable ssh

Disable SSH service by typing

sudo systemctl enable ssh


Here you have learned to enable SSH on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop successfully. If you have any queries don’t forget to comment below.