How to Install Minecraft on Ubuntu 18.04

Install Minecraft on Ubuntu 18.04

Minecraft is a game available for Linux users. To install the latest version of Minecraft we will download it from the official website and then install it on your Ubuntu system. In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to install Minecraft on Ubuntu 18.04.


Before you start to Install Minecraft on Ubuntu 18.04. You must have the non-root user account on your system with sudo privileges.

Install Minecraft on Ubuntu

First, open the terminal by pressing ctrl+Alt+t keys same time.

Next, we will download the .deb package of Minecraft from its official website. To download the package run following wget command in the terminal:

wget -o ~/Minecraft.deb

To install .deb package gdebi tool is used most frequently. So now we will install gdebi on your Ubuntu system. To install gdebi execute following command in the command prompt.

sudo apt install gdebi-core

Now you are ready to install Minecraft on your system. Execute below command in the command prompt to install Minecraft:

sudo gdebi ~/Minecraft.deb

You have successfully installed Minecraft on your Ubuntu system. Follow the next step to Launch the Game.

Launch Minecraft

You can launch Minecraft by visiting Activities -> type 'minecraft'.

Or you can start it by running following command in the terminal:



You have successfully learned how to Install Minecraft on Ubuntu 18.04. If you have any queries regarding this then please don’t forget to comment below.