How to Install Opera Browser on Fedora 29

Install Opera Browser on Fedora

Opera is one of the oldest and stable web browser available today. Opera is built on WebKit Engine so you can also install Google Chrome extensions on this browser. It also comes with a built-in adblocker plugin and save battery mode. In this tutorial, you are going to learn How to Install Opera Browser on Fedora 29.


Before you start installing Opera on Fedora You must have a non-root user account on your server with sudo privileges.

Install Latest Version on Opera on Fedora

The current latest version available for opera browser at the time of writing this article is 60.0. To install latest version of Opera Browser you should download .deb visiting official download page.

First, open the terminal using Ctrl+alt+t then to download Opera using wget command or curl command run below command:


Now run following command to install above downloaded.rpm package:

sudo yum install opera-stable_60.0.3255.27_amd64.rpm

In the installation process you will be asked to update the opera browser at the same time as given below:

install opera browser
install opera browser

After completing the above process you have installed Opera browser successfully on Fedora.

To run the Opera browser you can go to Applications -> Opera option or you can run the following command also to run it using terminal:



In this tutorial, you have learned how to install Opera on Fedora 29 successfully. If you have any of the queries regarding this then you can comment below.