How to Install Skype on CentOS 7

Install Skype on CentOS

” Skype keeps the world talking – for free. “

Skype is messaging service in which we can chat via Text, Video or Audio. Chat via Text and Video is free on Skype which is why Skype is most popular Video Messaging Service. Chat Via Audio is sometimes chargeable but the charge of the Audio Call is much lower than other services. Microsoft owned Skype long ago but Skype has its free version for Linux and Android operating systems also. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to install Skype on CentOS 7.


Before you start to install Skype on CentOS 7. You must have non-root user account on your desktop with sudo privileges.

Install Skype Manually.

To install Skype on CentOS manually you should download .rpm file. Follow below instructions to install Skype on CentOS 7.

First, we need to download .rpm file for Skype. Type following text in terminal and hit enter to download


Install Skype by with yum package manager command using downloaded .rpm file.

sudo yum localinstall skypeforlinux-64.rpm

You can start skype by going to activities and searching Skype icon then hitting Enter or you can type the following command or you can also visit Applications -> Internet -> Skype



You have learned how to install Skype on CentOS 7. If you have any queries please don’t forget to comment below.