Any third library to draw a Half Pie Chart (Semi Circle) with Animation in iOS?

Anybody knows any third library with permission granted for using it? I need to draw a Half Pie Chart like this, with an animation applied.

I want to get something like this:

enter image description here

This is what you get with HUChart but it is drawn without an Animation at all.

I found others libraries which let you draw the Pie Chart animated, but not the Half part of the Chart.


I got it applying some changes to the example project of MagicPie

Its a third library that works with Core Animation.

Changing the properties 'startAngle' and 'endAngle' of the the property 'PieLayer' in the UIView where the Pies are drawn.

self.layer.startAngle = 0;
self.layer.endAngle = 180;