Apple and stripe : Merchant id/apple pay certificate could not seen in xcode

I have followed every steps to create stripe credit card payment functionality with apple pay in my app. It is works fine for my xcode and merchant id/bundle id.

What I need: My client have his own apple developer account, and he want to add his client's merchant id in app.

What I have from client: 1. IOS developer certificate(with Bundle id) 2. Apple pay certificate 3. Merchant id

I have added developer certificate and apple pay certificate in key chain. as well as changed "Build settings -> code signing" with clients developer certificate.

Problem: Here "capability -> Apple pay -> merchant id" of client id does not displayed. If I click on "fix issue". xcode redirect me to select my developer profile.

Please confirm is this information is enough. If yes please assist me to solve this.

My screen is now look like this When I click on add/refresh :

enter image description here

Please tell me what I missing


Have you created these certificates on your machine. If not then ask for p12 certificate. It will resolve your issue.

@AkshayPatil : You are facing this issue only because of wrong certificates or wrong process.

  1. Check whether "Apple Pay" is activated or not before certificate was created.
  2. You should get .p12 certificate when someone create these certificate on another machine
  3. You should use same apple account to activate "Apple Pay" otherwise you will not be able to access these certificates and Apple pay will throw an error. I tried on my machine. It works fine. You should add "merchant." before merchant ID.