C++ wait for user input [duplicate]

What would be the best way to wait for user input in console application?

std::cout << "press any key to exit...";
// wait for user to hit enter or another key


Several ways to do so, here are some possible one-line approaches:

  1. Use getch() (need #include <conio.h>).

  2. Use getchar() (expected for Enter, need #include <iostream>).

  3. Use cin.get() (expected for Enter, need #include <iostream>).

  4. Use system("pause") (need #include <iostream>).

    PS: This method will also print Press any key to continue . . . on the screen. (seems perfect choice for you :))

Edit: As discussed here, There is no completely portable solution for this. Question 19.1 of the comp.lang.c FAQ covers this in some depth, with solutions for Windows, Unix-like systems, and even MS-DOS and VMS.