Change the log level on iOS 10 (Unified Logging) with

This is so simple but: how on earth do I set the level of log messages I see in, if I am trying to use iOS10's new "Unified Logging & Activity Tracing" API?

In other words, if I have code running on iOS like so:

fileprivate let logger = OSLog(subsystem: Bundle.main.bundleIdentifier!, category: "mycategory")

fileprivate func logv(_ s:String) {

Then what do I need to do to see the logged messages in By default, only log messages of type .error seem to show up.

I am wondering how to do this if I am running code on a device, not in the simulator.


Xcode 8 - os_log_debug and os_log_info logs are not displayed on new Mac console (unified logging)


Hilariously, the answer is that you just go to the's menu bar and select:

  • Action / Include Info Messages
  • Action / Include Debug Messages

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