creating Hashmap from a JSON String

creating a hashmap from a json string in java?

I have json string like {"phonetype":"N95","cat":"WP"} and want to convert into a standard Hashmap.

How can i do it?


Parse the JSONObject and create HashMap

public static void jsonToMap(String t) throws JSONException {

        HashMap<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>();
        JSONObject jObject = new JSONObject(t);
        Iterator<?> keys = jObject.keys();

        while( keys.hasNext() ){
            String key = (String);
            String value = jObject.getString(key); 
            map.put(key, value);


        System.out.println("json : "+jObject);
        System.out.println("map : "+map);

Tested output:

json : {"phonetype":"N95","cat":"WP"}
map : {cat=WP, phonetype=N95}