Database Design For Restaurant Menu [closed]

I am trying to develop an admin panel for a coffee shop. I want to display the menu in a systematic manner. Example For Coffee- Espresso, Latte ... so on. Sandwiches - Northern lights , mumbai sandwich and soo on.. I want to give the admin the right to add new category say Burgers and under that the types of burgers available. I am struggling to find the correct solution for this system. Right now i have on table

CategoryId int(50),
ParentId int(50),
Name varchar(100)

I am able to display the menu on the front end like i want

like this

But i cannot figure out a way to make the admin add new categories without disrupting the database design


2 tables, fk validation for ease.

Create table m_category (id int, 
                         cat_name varchar(30), 
                         constraint pk_catid primary key (id) );

create table m_item (id int, 
                     cat_id int, 
                     item_name varchar(30), 
                     constraint fk_catid 
                         foreign key (cat_id)
                         references m_category(id));