Eclipse - How to know on which workspace I'm working without clicking/changing main view

Currently working on 4 different branches in a project.

For each branch there's a different workspace in Eclipse.

Problem is when I have multiple Eclipses open on different workspace I have a hard time distinguishing between them and understanding on which workspace currently viewing. (the paths are the same so the window name is the same on all branches

I can choose to do:

File->Switch Workspace->Other...

and it will shows the name of current workspace but im looking for a way for it to appear in my main display windows so i don't need to do this action 100 times a day


If the full path (as shown in the other answer) is to long, then you can use Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Workspace Name instead to set a self defined label for each workspace, which is then shown prominently in the title bar.