Export to xls using angularjs

I am working on angular js app and I stuck in a situation in which I have to export data to Xls using angular js. I have searched a lot on the internet for export functionality or any library for angular js so I can do that or at least I can get the idea how to export. I don't have any code or work to show here.

I need suggestions. Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.


I have a data which is an array of objects and I am iterating that on UI in a table. My backend is node.js and frontend are angular js.

My problem is if we have the data from the server and I am using on UI, how can I use the same data to export to Xls using angular js. I don't want to give a call again on the backend to extract the data and export that.

In the existing table, the user can select the checkbox (Any number of rows or all rows) to extract the data to Xls.

In node.js I have used node module whose name is: Excel and it is available on nodemodules site.

My data is like that:

"data": [
        "Name": "ANC101",
        "Date": "10/02/2014",
        "Terms": ["samsung", "nokia": "apple"]
        "Name": "ABC102",
        "Date": "10/02/2014",
        "Terms": ["motrolla", "nokia": "iPhone"]

I want the solution using angularjs or any angularjs library.


A cheap way to do this is to use Angular to generate a <table> and use FileSaver.js to output the table as an .xls file for the user to download. Excel will be able to open the HTML table as a spreadsheet.

<div id="exportable">
    <table width="100%">
            <tr ng-repeat="item in items">
                <td>{{item.dob | date:'MM/dd/yy'}}</td>

Export call:

var blob = new Blob([document.getElementById('exportable').innerHTML], {
        type: "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet;charset=utf-8"
    saveAs(blob, "Report.xls");

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/TheSharpieOne/XNVj3/1/

Updated demo with checkbox functionality and question's data. Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/TheSharpieOne/XNVj3/3/