Getting value from JQUERY datepicker

If I want to display the JQUERY UI datepicker inline by attaching it to a DIV like $("div#someID").datepicker() - how do I access the chosen date? I assume if it's not bound to an INPUT then it won't be submitted with the form.

I guess as a followup, if I need to bind it to an INPUT element, is there a way to control the positioning of the datepicker relative to the INPUT element? If I wanted the datepicker to appear above or to the side of the element rather than below it, how would I do that?

Forgive me if this answer is somewhere really obvious.


If you want to get the date when the user selects it, you can do this:

    onSelect: function() { 
        var dateObject = $(this).datepicker('getDate'); 

I am not sure about the second part of your question. But, have you tried using style sheets and relative positioning?