How can I create database tables from XSD files?

I have a set of XSDs from which I generate data access classes, stored procedures and more.

What I don't have is a way to generate database table from these - is there a tool that will generate the DDL statements for me?

This is not the same as Create DB table from dataset table, as I do not have dataset tables, but XSDs.


Commercial Product: Altova's XML Spy.

Note that there's no general solution to this. An XSD can easily describe something that does not map to a relational database.

While you can try to "automate" this, your XSD's must be designed with a relational database in mind, or it won't work out well.

If the XSD's have features that don't map well you'll have to (1) design a mapping of some kind and then (2) write your own application to translate the XSD's into DDL.

Been there, done that. Work for hire -- no open source available.