How can I make Chrome open bookmarked pages in new tab by default?

Current situation:

I am currently browsing a page (say, I want to open a bookmarked page (say,, but I want to keep the current page (Google) opened. I need to click on new tab, then click on the bookmark for Bing. Alternatively, I can right click and open Bing in new tab.

But I want none of those because why click twice when one is enough?

What I want:

I am currently on Google. I want to open Bing, so I click on the bookmark and Bing opens in a new tab. Google remains open.

I am aware of a duplicate question linked here. However it didn't really provide a satisfactory answer. Changing every link to javascript breaks the icon and is a pain to do; middle clicking doesn't really work because I'm on a laptop and the touchpad does not support middle clicking. I hope there is an extension for Chrome that can redefine this behavior to the way I want. A hidden setting in Chrome would be even better but I doubt Chrome offers that.


Alternatively, you could use'url')

For example,'')]

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