How do I run a single test using Jest?

I have a test 'works with nested children' within the file fix-order-test.js.

Running the below runs all the tests in the file.

jest fix-order-test

How do I run only a single test? The below does not work as it searches for a file of the regex specified.

jest 'works with nested children'


From the command line use the --testNamePattern or -t flag

jest -t 'fix-order-test'

This will only run tests that match the test name pattern you provide. It's in the Jest docs.

Another way is to run tests in watch mode jest --watch and then press p to filter the tests by typing the test file name or t to run a single test name.

If you have an it inside of a describe block, you have to run

jest -t '<describeString> <itString>'