How to call JavaScript function instead of href in HTML

I have some mockup in HTML

<a href="javascript:ShowOld(2367,146986,2)"><img title="next page" alt="next page" src="/themes/me/img/arrn.png"></a>

I got the response from server when I sent the request.

With this mockup I got as a response of AJAX request that sends my code to server.

Well, everything is fine but when I click on the link the browser wants to open the function as link; meaning after click I see the address bar as


means browser thing that's url if I want to do this in firebug that's work. Now I want to do that then when anyone clicks the link then the browser tries to call the function already loaded in the DOM instead of trying to open them in browser.


That syntax should work OK, but you can try this alternative.

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="ShowOld(2367,146986,2);">


<a href="javascript:ShowOld(2367, 146986, 2);">


If you are passing strings, use single quotes for your function's parameters

<a href="javascript:ShowOld('foo', 146986, 'bar');">