How to check log for an event rule in aws cloud watch?

I have scheduled one event rule 'Start_EC2_Instances_Everyday_at_530_PM' which triggers one lambda function to start some instances in a region. I have tested lambda function and it is working perfectly.

The next trigger dates are also showing as expected,enter image description here

but when I checked it didn't start the instance.

Now I am trying to check the logs in Show metrics for the rule but it says rule did not meet any metricsenter image description here


Cloud watch logs can be checked under cloudwatch > Logs > Log Groups[![enter image description here][![enter image description here]1]1

Click on the rule for which you want to see the log and click on the specific log which you want to see enter image description here

P.S. Regarding the issue, it happened becuase of confusion in considering GMT time ahead (instead) of IST.