How to copy folders to docker image from Dockerfile?

I tried the following command in my Dockerfile: COPY * / and got mighty surprised at the result. Seems the naive docker code traverses the directories from the glob and then dumps the each file in the target directory while respectfully ignoring my directory structure.

At least that is how I understand this ticket and it certainly corresponds to the result I got.

I guess the only reason this behavior can still exist must be that there is some other way this should be done. But it is not so easy for a bear of very little brain to understand how, does anyone know?


Like @Vonc said, there is no possibility to add a command like as of now. The only workaround is to mention the folder, to create it and add contents to it.

# add contents to folder
ADD src $HOME/src

Would create a folder called src in your directory and add contents of your folder src into this.