How to draw clock in R?

I am working on R and trying to draw a clock using a pie chart.


    labels = c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12),
    col = rainbow(length(lbls)), clockwise = TRUE, init.angle = 90)

but i need all 12 labels to be there independent of no of segments in input.

enter image description here

How can i implement it?



Paul Murrell in his last book (R graphics 2nd Edition) have some code for drawing an interactive clock using grid and gwidget.

Here is a sample code for drawing a simple non interactive clock :


drawClock <- function(hour, minute) {
    t <- seq(0, 2*pi, length=13)[-13]
    x <- cos(t)
    y <- sin(t)

    pushViewport(dataViewport(x, y, gp=gpar(lwd=4)))
    # Circle with ticks, y=0, default="native", 
                r=unit(1, "native"))
    grid.segments(x, y, x*.9, y*.9, default="native")
    # Hour hand
    hourAngle <- pi/2 - (hour + minute/60)/12*2*pi
    grid.segments(0, 0, 
                  .6*cos(hourAngle), .6*sin(hourAngle), 
                  default="native", gp=gpar(lex=4))
    # Minute hand
    minuteAngle <- pi/2 - (minute)/60*2*pi
    grid.segments(0, 0, 
                  .8*cos(minuteAngle), .8*sin(minuteAngle), 
                  default="native", gp=gpar(lex=2)), 0, default="native", r=unit(1, "mm"),

Now you can try it like this

drawClock(hour = 2, minute = 30)

enter image description here

Full code here