How to find Hadoop hdfs directory on my system?

How to find Hadoop HDFS directory on my system? I need this to run following command -

hadoop dfs -copyFromLocal <local-dir> <hdfs-dir>

In this command I don't knon my hdfs-dir.

Not sure if its helpful or not but I ran following command and got this output -

 hdfs dfs -ls
-rw-r--r--   3 popeye hdfs  127162942 2016-04-01 19:47 .

In hdfs-site.xml, I found following entry -


I tried to run following command but it gives error -

[[email protected] try]# hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal 1987.csv /hadoop/hdfs/data
copyFromLocal: `/hadoop/hdfs/data': No such file or directory

FYI - I am doing all this on hortonworks sandbox on azure server.


Your approach is wrong or may be understanding is wrong, is where you want to store your data blocks

If you type hdfs dfs -ls / you will get list of directories in hdfs. Then you can transfer files from local to hdfs using -copyFromLocal or -put to a particular directory or using -mkdir you can create new directory

Refer below link for more information