How to set more than 3 colors in google gauge chart?

I'm using Google Charts API to create a gauge chart. And I have set the options like that:

          var options = {
          width: 350, height: 350,
          greenFrom: 0, greenTo: 50,
          yellowFrom: 51, yellowTo: 65,
          blueFrom:66, blueTo: 79,
          blueColor: "#FF4500",
          redFrom:81, redTo: 100,
          minorTicks: 5

And it is looking like :

enter image description here

but blue color is not coming in range between 66 - 79? How can I fixed this? Thanks in advance.


There's a limit in Google Gauge (3 colours) as I've read in asociated forums:!topic/google-visualization-api/Z6ghp0rsjM0/discussion

Perhaps this widget fits your needs: being more specific this ones: