How to use Matlab built-in color schemes with R?

I am working on image processing in R. At present I am working with the default color schemes (topo, terrain, rainbow, heat, cm). But, I would like to use the color schemes provided by Matlab (specifically the black to yellow color scheme - Hot) with R. Is there a way to use these color schemes in R? I used the OOMPA package which includes additional color schemes ( for R to use with biological images, but this did not solve the purpose.

Matlab color scheme


install.packages("dcemriS4", dependencies=TRUE)
image(outer(1:20,1:20,"+"), col=hotmetal(75), main="hotmetal")

enter image description here

In the interest of teaching newbies "how to fish" I will admit that I didn't know this in advance and that what I did was:

install.packages("sos") # which I consider to essential in ones R tool chest of search strategies 
library(sos) # actually it's in my .Rprofile
findFn("color matlab hot")

It found dcemri

I only found library(dcemriS4) in current packages so I loaded it and gave it a shot with the code in the older package help page ... with success.