IIS shows 404 but file exists

I have issue with my app after run it on VPS.

I installed IIS on VPS, removed DefaultWebsite, and add another one. Everything looks fine, website starts, but I don't have access to any files from folders like Content, Scripts, Templates and so on. That's mean i don't have any pictures, and styles on my website.

I try to grand permissions for IIS_IUSRS but files still don't display correctly. Website is on on same partition as system, and i think that's the problem, but i can't move it. I have just one partition :-( Any solution for it?


Please check user in IIS. Site -> Basic Settings -> Connect as... (if I recall correctly)

By default user in IIS is IUSR. You have to change to IIS_IUSRS. And then Your permissions will work.

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