Installing MIT Scheme on Windows 10 — 'Requested Allocation is too large'

I'm trying to get Scheme going so I can work through "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" but I keep running into the above-mentioned issue. I know sort of how to solve the problem but I don't know how to go about setting the file in the bin directory to --library and --edit for the other directory. Can someone give me an idea if I'm supposed to use git bash, cmd, File directories(properties option)? I looked at properties and I did not find how to edit the file in such a manner.

The version of Scheme I'm using is MIT-GNU Scheme.


You can use the SICP package in Racket.

  1. Download Racket for your OS -

  2. Follow instructions here to install the sicp package :

I just did it and got it running in minutes.