jQuery Force set src attribute for iframe

I have a main page (actually a JSP) with an iframe inside it as;

<iframe name="abc_frame" id="abc_frame" src="about:blank" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Now there are multiple links on the main page (rendered dynamically via JSP) which can try to set the src to some URL...

Now my question is,using jQuery (may be live()), can I override that in such a way that the "src" attribute for abc_frame would always have some particular value (e.g. "somefixedURL")

I cannot capture the link clicking, as it is completely dynamically created via some Java code and hence I am trying to override the iframe src ?


Use attr

$('#abc_frame').attr('src', url)

This way you can get and set every HTML tag attribute. Note that there is also .prop(). See .prop() vs .attr() about the differences. Short version: .attr() is used for attributes as they are written in HTML source code and .prop() is for all that JavaScript attached to the DOM element.