Plt.Scatter: How to add title and xlabel and ylabel

Is there a way to add title (and xlabel and ylabel) to plt.scatter(x,y,...) or plt.plot(x,y,...) directly without writing additional lines?

It is easy to add it when we use Series_name.plot in which we simply write Series_name.plot(...,title='name') but it does not work for me if I write: plt.scatter(...,title='name') or plt.plot(...,title='name')

[plt<< import matplotlib.pyplot as plt]

I am using Python 3.


From the documentation of plt.scatter() there is no such arguments to set the title or labels.

But neither does the plt.plot() command have such arguments. plt.plot(x,y, title="title") throws an error AttributeError: Unknown property title. So I wonder why this should work in either case.

In any case, the usual way to set the title is plt.title. The usual way to set the labels is plt.xlabeland plt.ylabel.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

x= [8,3,5]; y = [3,4,5]