Purpose of EF 6.x DbContext Generator option when adding a new data item in Visual Studio

I have a web app that I built using LINQ to SQL and I'm looking to upgrade it to LINQ to Entity Framework. I've looked at some tutorials and what I've learned is that basically in the database-first scenario, you create an ADO.NET Entity Data Model. And from there, you select which tables to include in the model (very similar to LINQ to SQL).

Within the Add New Item dialog, I see that there is another option that creates an EF 6.x DbContext Generator:

Visual Studio Add New Item dialog

What is the purpose of EF 6.x DbContext Generator compared to ADO.NET Entity Data Model (first option in dialog)? And, what is EF 6.x DbContext Generator for? It seems to create a text file. What should I do with it?


If you already have a database, the first option is better, given that the approach is very similar to the one you are already working in LinqToSQL. The .EDMX file also can provide you a graphical visualization of your database, and you don't have to worry about anything else.