Pylint invalid function name

I'm running Pylint 1.7.2 with Python 3.6.2. Pylint is showing the following error:

Invalid function name "create_maximization_option_dataframe" (invalid-name)

I define a function like so in my code:

def create_maximization_option_dataframe(file_name):

The PEP8 style guide basically just says:

Function names should be lowercase, with words separated by underscores as necessary to improve readability.

As far as I'm aware I'm following all the formatting rules for a function name. Does Pylint have some built-in maximum function name length rule that I'm not aware of? I can ignore the Pylint error easily enough but I want to understand why this is happening first.


Make a config file by doing pylint pylint --generate-rcfile. The scope of that depends where you put it. Quoting

  1. pylintrc in the current working directory
  2. .pylintrc in the current working directory
  3. If the current working directory is in a Python module, Pylint searches up the hierarchy of Python modules until it finds a pylintrc file. This allows you to specify coding standards on a module-by-module basis. Of course, a directory is judged to be a Python module if it contains an file.

  4. The file named by environment variable PYLINTRC

  5. if you have a home directory which isn’t /root: .pylintrc in your home directory
    .config/pylintrc in your home directory

  6. /etc/pylintrc

Sounds like you need option 5 or 6.

In the pylintrc, find this bit

# Regular expression matching correct function names

Change that 30 near the end to 40 or so.