Sales pipeline chart [closed]

I'm trying to create a sales pipeline chart using d3. Below is an example. Does anyone know of any example code I can start with?

Appreciate any help.


There is a project on github called funnel-plots by Anna Powell-Smith that could give you a head start. You are going to need to establish some definitions upfront to render this. There are some who feel that this graph is kind of meaningless (I happen to feel that there are better graphs), but they are something that people expect to see, so here is how you can address them. First you need to decide if the steps have uniform height and their widths are variable (so at each step you are decreasing the width by the same percent that the plotted value is decreasing) or if the min and max values are determined by their plotted value but the height of steps in between are adjusted to represent their plotted value (using the volume of each step) which is the approach of the referenced chart in your question.