Tomcat 404 error: The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists [duplicate]

I was following the tutorial on o7planning and got stuck at step 6:

It's just a simple project that show HelloWorld but for some reason I keep getting 404 error. Detail:

enter image description here However the Tomcat welcome page showing properly.

Tomcat welcome page

Here solutions that I've tried so far (and they are NOT working):

Right-click project -> properties -> Project Facets -> Runtimes -> checked "Apache Tomcat v9.0" -> Apply -> finish.

Server tab -> Right-click "Tomcat v9.0..." -> properties -> switch location -> Choose "Use tomcat installation" on "Server locations" panel.


Problem solved, I've not added the index.html. Which is point out in the web.xml

enter image description here

Note: a project may have more than one web.xml file.

if there are another web.xml in


Then you might need to add another index (this time index.jsp) to