Turn grid into a checkerboard pattern in python?

I have successfully created a grid, but am now trying to turn my grid into a checkerboard pattern, preferably using a variant of the floodfill command.

how do I make sure the program recognizes which squares are even and which are odd?

currently the IDE is set so m[i][j]= 1 gives blue, while m[i][j]= 0 gives red, which I am happy to keep, and so I do not need to define the colors. Thank you.

Code I have so far :

from pylab import *
from numpy import *
from math import *

for i in range(100):
    for j in range(100):
        if (math.floor(i) % 10) != 0:
            if (math.floor(j) % 10) != 0:
                m[i][j]= 1
                m[i][j]= 0


Code output :

enter image description here


You can check the sum of the two indices (row and column) and color it with the first color if it's odd and second otherwise. Something like:

for i in range(nrows):
    for j in range(ncols):
        m[i][j] = 0 if (i+j)%2 else 1