Turn off Eclipse formatter for selected code area? [duplicate]

When I ctrl+shift+f up the project code, its doing its job just fine, everywhere.

But its messing the CSS, specially those filter parts and adding bunch of spaces.

Also how do I specify some portion of Java code to not be formated by that command ?


To prevent specific portions of Java code from being formatted, go to "Window > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Formatter". Click the "Edit..." button, go to the "Off/On Tags" tab and enable the tags. Afterwards, you can simply embed those tags in Java code to disable the formatting in-between them. If you don't change the default tags, something like this will do :

); // will not be touched by the formatter
but this will be

IIRC, this option only exists since Eclipse 3.6.

As for css code, if you have installed Eclipse WTP, go to "Window > Preferences > Web > CSS Files > Editor" and you will find some basic formatting options there.