Using jQuery to 'click' a li element

I have a <ul> element that dynamically generates the <li> elements and simply want to run a onclick event

<ul id="results">
    <li class="device_result searchterm" data-url="apple-iphone-5s">
        <a href="#"> Apple iPhone 5s </a>
    <li class="device_result searchterm" data-url="apple-iphone-5c">
        <a href="#"> Apple iPhone 5s </a>

I've got the following jQuery in a $(document).ready block but it doesn't seem to work - any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

$("li .searchterm").click(function() {  


if you add dinamically put the click on the list but select the items:

$("#results").on("click", ".searchterm", function(event){

try on the fiddle: