UWP Timeline control

I am writing a UWP app which needs to show milestones against multiple, grouped tasks along a timeline of a video. Basically showing when a task occurred in the timeline. Image below of a crappy excel mock up of what I am talking about.

I have searched and can find some charting option but they are for WPF, javascript or .Net Framework.

Was thinking I could have a go at one myself using a grid as a base and I'm OK on this front for the moment, I am wanting to know if anyone knows of any suitable timeline controls for UWP or can think of another way to visualise this sort of data using available controls.



There are a number of options for UWP if you wanting to just xaml output a DataGrid the only free one I've seen is this


However if your willing to fork some cash there are lots of options. The obvious solution would be which is free for non-commercial use so you can give it a test.

http://www.telerik.com/universal-windows-platform-ui which has a great datagrid

the concept would be removing the first column and adding a new one at the end in a poll

The other option which I thought about mentioning before is https://www.syncfusion.com/ they have a graph library for UWP I have never used there product so I can't really say much about it except I believe they do have a timeline graph.