Where are ${EXECUTABLE_NAME} and ${PRODUCT_NAME} defined

Where can I find information on how to modify these


These are only displayed in .plist file but where are the actual values.

If we can directly modify what ever we want in .plist why we need these.

I am new that's why I'm having problem understanding these, I also looked into apple information Property list key reference but didn't find these ${} values.


The PRODUCT_NAME is defined in the target's Build Settings in the Packaging section. It has the same name by default as your project.



While PRODUCT_NAME is by default the name of the Target (MyDemoApp in this case). The EXECUTABLE_NAME is a concatenation of:


See the reference of EXECUTABLE_NAME for details.


The new reference can be found here http://help.apple.com/xcode/mac/8.3/#/itcaec37c2a6

Specifies the name of the binary the target produces.