Where do I find the icons / animations recommended in the Windows 7 UX guide?

The Windows 7 UX guide has nice illustrations and examples of icons, but I really can't find them in the SDK. Are they hiding somewhere, or are they not available ?


If you are talking about the common UI icons, then you are supposed to get them programmatically. For instance, you can use

  errIcon: HICON;
  errIcon := LoadIcon(0, IDI_ERROR);
  DrawIcon(Canvas.Handle, 10, 10, errIcon),

(Delphi code) to draw an error icon.

Windows UI standard icons

See LoadIcon, DrawIcon at MSDN. You might also wish to study STATIC controls.

To draw other visual elements, you need to use the visual themes API, e.g. the DrawThemeBackground function that accepts a class, part, and state and then draws it: