Where is PyGTK for Mac OS X?

Is there a binary out there for the current mac os x, python for PyGTK? I work with multiple desktop environments (mac, windows, gnome) and really consider python's lack of cross platform GUI's a problem. Does anyone know where I can find a built version of PyGTK and GTK for Mac? I cant clone the git repository, it keeps timing out.


I don't use macports but it seems that jhbuild works for me. Below is the steps that I've done.

  1. download gtk-osx-build-setup.sh from: https://raw.github.com/jralls/gtk-osx-build/master/gtk-osx-build-setup.sh and save it to your home directory.
  2. fire up terminal and navigate to your home directory and run the command sh gtk-osx-build-setup.sh
  3. the shell script will warn you that ~/.local/bin isn't added to your environment variable to do this, edit your .profile file located at your home directory and /Users/<username>/.local/bin to your environment variable. to know more on how to edit this file check out: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2621/os_x_change_path_environment_variable/
  4. after that, do a ~/.local/bin/jhbuild bootstrap command. it will download and install some necessary utilities.
  5. download and install the beta version of the gtk+ osx framework at: http://ftp.imendio.com/pub/imendio/gtk-osx/Gtk-Framework-2.14-LATEST.dmg
  6. before installing the meta-gtk-osx-python, you need to build and install some other packages that jhbuild doesn't install automatically, so what i did was i installed libpng by doing the command: ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build libpng
  7. you also need to install libtiff so do the command: ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build libtiff
  8. and also gtk-doc is needed so: ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build gtk-doc
  9. and finally you can now install meta-gtk-osx-python by doing a: ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-python

Let me know if it works.